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Aliza Sherman is a new media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker.

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Archive of Gladys Edmunds Articles

Archive of Gladys Edmunds Articles
  • Strategic Planning the Old Fashion Way
    Strategic planning is nothing new for small businesses and should be an important part of your business plan. However, if it is not a part of it, it should be added and done in a fun, useful way.... more
  • Do Unto Others' Is a Good Rule
    To avoid confusion in your business, make certain that you train your employees to fully understand how you expect them to perform.... more
  • The Future is Now
    What is coming down the pike? Keep your eyes and ears open and stay on top of what’s happening right now and you will become a good forecaster of what's to come.... more
  • Control What You Can and Let the Rest Go
    Your job or business is very important and your income as well. However, family should always come first. Learning to let things go and trust in your company is crucial for balancing the two.... more
  • Use Time Wisely!
    Everyone is capable of being successful. Knowing how to manage your time and use it wisely is very important if you want to move forward in your career.... more
  • Looks Count!
    What your business looks like speaks volumes. A pleasant environment is not only expected, it is appreciated, and your customers will show you by coming back for more.... more
  • Young People Need Our Support to Achieve Success
    Young people do need our support and need to start somewhere. The problem is a lot of young people do not possess the basic skills needed for the position. Who is to blame for this?... more
  • Get Your Customers to Pay on Time
    Getting customers to pay on time can become a task rather than a normal exchange between businesses. When late payments become a common occurrence, not sending out the products until you receive the payment can be an effective solution.... more
  • Focus for Success
    Starting a business can be tricky. Focusing on doing everything you can for it to be successful is important.... more
  • If You Have To Be A Teacher, Teach
    Always be perceived as professional. If your employees need to be trained in the proper ways to communicate, then you should supply that training.... more
  • Expand your Business
    There are many things to take into consideration before making a final decision.... more
  • Tis the Season
    Spirituality is always around us, waiting to be acknowledged. Learning how to apply it to the workplace all year round can help you immensely.... more
  • Finding Good Reliable Help
    Whether you hire family, friends or strangers make certain that the job requirements fit the person hired and that the working conditions are good.... more
  • Give Your Employees a Chance to Succeed
    Micromanaging rarely works and can be counterproductive to a successful business... more
  • Plan Well for Success
    A lot of planning comes into play when starting up a new business. Knowing what to focus on and keeping your priorities straight will help you open and run a successful business.... more
  • Thy Shall Know Thy Demographics
    Recognize customer trends and patterns. Give your customers what they want and you will see an increase in sales.... more
  • Don't Upstage the Boss
    Brainstorm your ideas with others before putting them into play. Sometimes a second thought could lead to a better solution.... more
  • Public Speaking Works!
    Public speaking is a great way to increase your business. It might seem difficult in the beginning to find places and could be tricky to figure out what you should be presenting. However, it is a lot simpler than it seems.... more
  • The First Rule of Communication: Listen
    To have a successful business you must listen to what your customers want. Without your customers your business is nothing.... more
  • Making Connections Leads to Business Success
    In order to continue to grow your business connections you have to connect with those outside of your circle.... more
  • Set Yourself up for Success
    Fear is one of the greatest obstacles in life. Do not let fear take you off the road to success.... more
  • Are You Listening to What You Hear?
    Being a good listener is an important asset towards success.... more
  • Even A Small Business Needs A Little Formality
    Every business who hires employees should have an employee handbook. It will keep everyone on the same page and avoids confusion should an issue arise.... more
  • Sell a Product that You Use and Believe in
    Learning what sells and what does not and believing in what you are selling is one way to get started.... more
  • Your Employees Are Important To Your Success
    Good employees are a key asset to a successful business. Usually they are the ones with the direct contact to your customers.... more
  • Current Clients Are Your Real Treasure
    You already have the treasure. Current customers are the best treasure a business can have.... more
  • Don't Let Obstacles Hold You Back
    If things are always getting in your way of success, try to specify the real root of the issues and get beyond them in order to really get down to business.... more
  • Better to Keep Some Plans to Yourself
    To avoid negative comments and put downs, its better to keep those plans to yourself.... more
  • Why You Can't Go By The Book With Your Start-Up
    When starting a business it's very important to have a business plan in place and know how to execute it.... more
  • Every Business Must Have Clear Payment Policies
    Regardless of the size of the client or contract, timely payment should be top of the list.... more
  • It's Your Attitude that Matters, Not the Customer's
    Think positively and keep a confident attitude no matter what.... more
  • Small But Steady Changes Key To Maintaining Success
    When running a business it is wise to consistently look at any changes that can be made to further your success.... more
  • Keep Your Small Business Customers Flowing
    Being a small business owner makes you pay a lot more attention to minor things as opposed to large corporations. In order to keep your small business entrepreneurs, take the time to reach out to them and make adjustments that better suit their business.... more
  • Don't Get Bogged Down By Others' Negative Focus
    There are an unlimited number of ways to achieve success. Once you start honing your existing skills and building new ones and stop listening to all the negatives and just live for the positives.... more
  • Marketing And Demographics Are Key When Keeping Up With Consumer Trends
    Recognizing consumer trends and patterns is a step in the right direction toward having a successful business. See what your customers want to buy and then stock your shelves accordingly.... more
  • Shake It Off and Step Up
    Sometimes when we find ourselves in a situation and we can't see our way to victory we have to think outside of the box and use the creative side of who we are in order to get things done.... more
  • Just Starting Out? Be Careful of the Advice You Get
    New and would-be entrepreneurs should be encouraged to follow their dream of owning a business. While yes, it’s important to cover the negative aspects, it's more important to encourage the positives that allow for success.... more
  • You Have To Listen To Customers, Not Just Hear Them
    A good listener will increase customer trust and confidence in you and your company.... more
  • Compliments Are Great Gifts, So Be Sure To Accept Them
    Compliments are gifts for the giver and the receiver and expressing appreciation and acknowledging compliments as sincere praise make both the giver and receiver feel valued.... more
  • How Customer Behavior Is Important To Your Business
    Customer service is certainly important for the success of a business. But how the customer behaves and what is expected of the customer is equally important.... more
  • Want to See the Future? Observe the Here and Now
    Try to develop improvements for products and services that are already available.... more
  • Zero In On The Benefits Your Business Provides
    An entrepreneur who wants to get folks in the door and keep them coming must know who his customers are, what they want, and give it to them, while also giving them a pleasurable experience while in your store.... more
  • Focus on Your Employee' Strength
    When a company has consistently been successful, it speaks to the skills and talents of the people who work there. If you learn what an employee’s strength are and let him/her make use of them, then he/she will enjoy work more and you will get higher quality work...... more
  • Change: Count on It
    When deciding to start your own company we have to be up to date on the constant changes that industry takes. We go into our own business to meet the needs of the customer and when the customer changes, we must change also if we want to stay...... more
  • Good Solid Training in Business Development and Management Will Help Business Owners To Build a Solid Foundation in Business
    ... more
  • It Doesn't Take Much to Bring a Little Balance or Holistic Living into Your Life
    Making an effort toward holistic living involves self-development, health, recreation and rejuvenation of your mind and body.... more
  • Checking References Is Crucial When Hiring
    When hiring someone to do work for you take time to make inquires as to whom you are hiring or sub-contracting with. Valuable lessons are usually learned the hard way. Do your research ahead of time and you are less likely to run into many avoidable issues.... more
  • Turning Financial Goals into Reality
    Setting goals is always a great place to start but how you approach your goals should fit both your personality and your lifestyle. Goals are met more easily when they are approached reasonably with setting reachable goals.... more
  • First Step to a Goal Is Writing It Down
    A written goal is hard to ignore. By writing down your reasonable goals you are more likely to achieve them. Write them, review them and achieve them.... more
  • Don't Have Employees? You're Still an Entrepreneur
    Entrepreneurs are people who create employment for themselves.... more
  • Your Business in a Funk? Call in a Consultant
    Find a good marketer to help boost your business if you are not seeing the results you want.... more
  • Indie Craft Markets Great for Building Business
    The indie market place can be a great way to launch a business.... more
  • Don't Give Up On the Golden Rule at Work
    In business, looking out for yourself does not mean to disregard honesty and respect.... more
  • Test Out Ideas for Growing a Business
    If you are looking to grow your business without blowing a ton of money on advertising, utilize these tips to get the word out. Social media, new customer discounts, referrals and cooperative advertising will help expand your customer base while saving in advertising expenses.... more
  • Doubt Can Be a Small Business Motivator
    Doubt is a good thing. Doubt has helped us avoid and prepare for disaster. However, it can become debilitating or hang as a cloud of uncertainty and begin to weigh down on you. Find your purpose, the reason you keep moving forward and your persistent doubting will not...... more
  • Don't Let Your Business Hinder Family
    When balancing your business and family get creative and find ways to include your children in your life more and get more involved with their lives.... more
  • Lessons from Booker T. Washington
    Black History Month and the Entrepreneur's Contribution... more
  • Look Past Family, Friends for Employees
    Whether you hire family, friends or strangers make certain that the job requirements fit the person hired and that the working conditions are good... more
  • With Some Customers, Looks Can Be Deceiving
    Don't be so quick to pass judgment on your customers just by their appearance. Their outfit may not match their bank account.... more
  • Don't Let Fear Keep You From A Vacation
    In your absence, putting the right people and/or technology in place while you are away can lessen the stress to both you and your employees.... more
  • How to Get Clients to Pay on Time
    Get payment up front for products or services rendered, and you will minimize the chances of coming up short.... more
  • Consider Starting a Second Business
    Whenever you decide to invest either your time, and/or money into a business, move cautiously and consider all possibilities before you make a final decision.... more
  • Why Does Your Company Need a Mission Statement?
    The right words can tell everything about your company's philosophy.... more
  • Micromanaging Can Stifle Employees
    Help your employees to become the best that they can be and it's possible that you will see business increasing.... more
  • Staff Stressed? Office Tweaks Can Work Wonders
    Things are not always what they seem. A revamp of your expectations might be all that is in order to resolve employee issues.... more
  • Advice That Could Help Make Things Move Smoothly In Business
    There are many resources available to guide you throughout your career.... more
  • Promoting from Within Has Benefits
    When filling a position, look amongst your current employees and reward those who have earned their place at a higher level.... more
  • Workplace a Grind? Think Spiritually
    How best to run a business with spiritual practices in mind.... more
  • Let's Consider Micro-Managing and What Problems It Causes
    If you feel you hired the right people to work for you, but after time don't trust them to do their jobs, perhaps the problem is you! Let's consider micro-managing and what problems it causes.... more
  • Entrepreneurs, Don't Hesitate to Hire Help
    Many small business owners hold off hiring to protect the bottom line. However, NOT hiring can adversely impact that very same line. Here is some things to ponder about hiring practices... more
  • Past Efforts Have Gotten You This Far, Keep Going
    No matter your age, it is never too late to begin a new career or take on a new, great adventure.... more
  • Be Smart, Not Afraid
    If you are worried because a business similar to yours has failed, don’t. Gladys has a process she’d like you to consider.... more
  • Concentration Is Key, Entrepreneurs
    We need to stay focused to run a successful business. If we can't concentrate on what needs to be done then we should hire help to do so.... more
  • Business Degree: A Must for Entrepreneurs?
    If you are a business school graduate, and you see many fellow entrepreneurs who are not, did you waste time and money in school? The simple answer is no!... more
  • How Much Savings to Open a Business?
    You have a full time job but have the itch to go out on your own. Should you wait till you save or perhaps try it part time first? Here are some thoughts.... more
  • Giving Kids Active Role in Your Business
    How do you find balance between your family and your business?... more
  • Tenant Turnover Can Cost You
    How do you protect yourself from damage done to your rental property? Here are some suggestions.... more
  • What To Ask When Moving Your Business
    If you think about expanding a business and a new site, it is much more than, location. You have lots of research and footwork to complete. Here is a roadmap.... more
  • Letting Others Tow Their Own Wagon
    If confronted by a friend or family member to borrow money, remember that it's okay to help them, but not to the detriment of yourself.... more
  • Avoiding Backstabbers in Business
    Even negative experiences can be used to your benefit. Each scenario teaches you what you should avoid and what you should pursue.... more
  • DIY? Not always
    If you want your business at the top of its game, make sure you are staying focused on major issues and letting your workers handle smaller details.... more
  • Don't Hesitate to Hire Help
    If your business is at the point where you need to hire some additional help, we have some thoughts on how to find the best person for you.... more
  • Committing to New Year's Resolutions
    Make a commitment to yourself to make at least 1 positive change in your life. If you can commit to a short time period, maybe you can turn that into long term.... more
  • Stress-Busting 101 For The Holidays
    Even during the busiest and most stressful times, be grateful for the customers who are shopping in your business. We can not survive in business without them!... more
  • Look Past Family, Friends For Employees
    You have hired family and friends, buy that is not working for your business. Why not try some senior citizens in part time positions? Here are some reasons why... more
  • Retail Rule #1: Keep stuff flying off the shelves
    In retail, the merchandise has to move off the shelf quickly in order to make space for more products and bring in more profit in turn.... more
  • Opening Your Doors To Get More Customers
    If you are running an appointment-only business and it is not growing you have two choices. You can open your doors to all or get better on social media.... more
  • Don't Give Up on the Golden Rule at Work
    Does the golden rule apply in business to bosses as well as employees. Here is some thoughts.... more
  • Solid Research Can Kick-Start Your Start-Up
    The world of business can be daunting at times. Be sure to utilize all the information that is available to you to help make entrepreneurship a lot less scary.... more
  • Big Ideas Can Fuel a Small Business
    Let's learn how a savvy businesswoman has turned her love of literature into a thriving small business.... more
  • Test Out Ideas For Growing a Business
    Time, effort and creative ability will help you to get the word out on your business without spending a large amount of money on advertising... more
  • Encouraging Kids As Entrepreneurs
    IF your child shows an interest in developing entrepreneurial skills, do not be the family naysayer. It may open the door to future like skills.... more
  • Help for Your Mid-Life Move Into Business
    Just because you have hit middle age and have never run a business there is no reason not to take the plunge and become a new entrepreneur.... more
  • Make Entrepreneurial Dreams Reality
    Ready yourself for your own business by looking at the company you are working for as a learning experience... more
  • Finding a Publicity Fit for Your Business
    If it is time to publicize what you do, you will need to do your homework before seeking a publicist to help you. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Identify a Business That Works for You
    What are the best ways to help your children make the right decisions when it comes to starting their business life? Gladys has some great ideas.... more
  • It Is Never too Late to Write One
    Writing a business plan lets you see every little detail of the many elements that go into the making and expanding of a business.... more
  • Entrepreneurs, Tech's a Great Tool - Use It!
    Technology will not replace your store, but combining the two worlds opens up tons of opportunities.... more
  • The Key to Simplifying Your Life
    Let the joy of spring days be a reminder of how beautiful a simple life can really be.... more
  • Entrepreneurs Turn to Social Problems
    Social Entrepreneurs are those who lead the non-profit organizations.... more
  • Podcasting 101 for Entrepreneurs
    There are many tools available to help us to build our businesses. But which one to select and then actually starting to use can be daunting experiences.... more
  • Entrepreneurs, Podcasts Can Make Your Business Pop
    Create and market a podcast that would allow entrepreneurs to be able to use podcasting to help build their business.... more
  • Life Changes Bring New Opportunity
    We never know when or how things will occur to change the course of our lives.... more
  • Lessons from Booker T. Washington
    you should take a look at one of America’s great entrepreneurs, Booker T. Washington. February is the perfect time for us to do just that.... more
  • Entrepreneurs, Don't Hesitate to Hire Help
    Here are some thoughts on what to look for when you start the hiring process.... more
  • Refocus on Customer for Small Business Success
    You should resolve to thoroughly inspect your business to insure you are doing all that you can to best serve your existing customers and to attract new ones.... more
  • Do Not Let Fear of Success Hold Your Business Back
    If you are about to start up a new business, and find yourself afraid you might become successful, then this is a real issue and require immediate attention.... more
  • Learn from the Magic of the Holidays
    The mind is a very powerful tool. Begin to program your mind for success and prosperity.... more
  • Entrepreneurs, Give Thanks for Lessons Learned
    Things entrepreneurs can be thankful for as we start this holiday season.... more
  • Dealing With Distractions
    Do not let outside distractions bog you down. Keep focused and check within yourself to find the answers.... more
  • Develop a Polices and Procedures Manual Stat
    Your business is never too small not to have a written company policies manual. Here are some reasons why it is needed and ideas on how to get started.... more
  • Marketing Is Key for a Home-Based Business
    If you have a good product and a business plan, you are off to a good start, regardless of your age.... more
  • Bosses Taking Credit For Your Ideas
    If you have ideas at work but others are taking credit for them, there are several ways to make sure you are recognized without causing trouble with your superiors.... more
  • The Answer Is Often In The Question
    How to determine if your own personal business can find a place at your full time job.... more
  • Making Connections Is Key To Business
    To effectively grow your business, you must connect or network with a variety of different people.... more
  • Making Business a Pleasure
    When you are improving your quality of life, be sure to find ways to increase quality time with your family and friends along with good health habits.... more
  • Becoming a Business Mastermind
    If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get expert advice, consider setting up a mastermind group session.... more
  • Franchising Is A Small Business Option
    Are you unemployed, underemployed, tired of working for someone else, but afraid to start your own business? Why not consider franchising?... more
  • Defining Success, Wealth, Happiness
    Success is measured by far more than money, and we will talk about how to Use All The Crayons to bring you true happiness.... more
  • Need confidence boost? Start small
    Small steps to rebuild your shattered self-confidence.... more
  • You Run the Show, Not Your Consultant
    It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with your business or some other part of your life. You have to play an active role in the situation.... more
  • When Too Much Lubrication Is Not Good
    Gladys gives advice on the best way to run a home-based office.... more
  • Success Driving Friends Away?
    Often we don’t realize that the amount of time it takes to build a business can take a toll on our relationships to others.... more
  • Novel Approach Helps Business
    If you have been trying to figure out how to turn your love of writing intiable full time operation, here a few tips to get you going.... more
  • Don’t Be Scared To Connect
    Making connections may turn out to be one of the better things you could do for yourself and your business.... more
  • Rest Gives You Needed Reboot
    Your work and life works much better when it is balanced between activity and non-activity.... more
  • Time to Take Another Path?
    Business ownership is not age-specific.... more
  • How To Pick a Good Training Program
    Gladys gives tips about training programs for oral presentations. Making oral presentations/giving seminars to your customers can help grow your business.... more
  • Put Your Ears to Work
    How we communicate to each other is key to making life work and work well.... more
  • Tidy, Messy Don’t Mix
    Keeping your business organized is very important to your business’s success. The accumulation of unnecessary things can cause all sorts of problems.... more
  • Get Support from Within
    Build yourself from the inside out, and don't worry about the supporters. They will be there - when you need them.... more
  • Getting Grants
    Learn about opportunities for small businesses to do business with the government.... more