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The Growing Popularity of "Stories" for Social Media.

Aliza Sherman is a new media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker.

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Archive of Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Archive of Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

The Growing Popularity of "Stories" for Social Media
Tell your 'Story'! The Stories format is transforming digital communications, and your company can reach a captive audience when you publish in a more interactive way.

A Basic Guide to Facebook Social Ads
Advertising on Facebook is an ongoing process. Making sure to keep up with the newest marketing trends and staying on top of your content are just some of the ways to keep your name out there.

Influencer Marketing in Social Media
Have someone else sell for you. Influencer marketing can be very useful in selling your brand or merchandise.

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups for Your Business
Using LinkedIn for your business is a smart choice. Learning the best ways to utilize this platform and using LinkedIn Group is only going to make you more successful.

Audio Podcasts For Social Media Marketing
Audio podcasts are a good way to provide information, build an audience, showcase your brand, and educate your customers and prospects

5 Ways to Improve How You Use YouTube
YouTube is a great place to market your business. Learning the best ways to improve your usage on YouTube is important for your company.

Spring Cleaning Your Social Media
Spruce it up. Here are several ways you can do a little spring-cleaning to keep your social media presences fresh.

Building Your Twitter Audience
Learn some tricks to help you connect with the right Twitter audience.

Apps for Better Social Media Visuals
Catching potential consumer attention, you need to have eye-catching visuals. In order to do so, you need to know what you can do on each app and how to do it correctly.

Marketing Your Business on Yelp
Using location-based websites and apps will strengthen your social media marketing. An app like Yelp, can become extremely beneficial to your business.

Managing Social Media Marketing from Your Mobile Device
Marketing through social media is highly effective. Learning how to manage it from your mobile device makes it much more useful.

Rethinking Your Social Media Strategy
A huge market strategy is social media. Every so often, checking your accounts and updating them can be very beneficial.

Optimizing Your Company's Pinterest Page
Turn Pinterest into a powerful, visual marketing tool. Optimize your Pinterest page to get the most traffic to your site.

Revisiting Instagram and Snapchat
Social media is a great marketing strategy. Learning which ones are the most popular and which ones will bring in the most business would be beneficial to any business owner.

Facebook Advertising Options Revisited
Knowing more about your audience can help you craft more effective ad campaigns on Facebook.

10 Things to Avoid in Social Media Marketing
Utilize your social media marketing wisely. Avoid some of the major mistakes when connecting with your customers.

Better Networking With LinkedIn
LinkedIn is one of the best places to connect with other professionals. Use it correctly and you can greatly broaden your network.

5 YouTube Features You Should Try
Take advantage of the latest YouTube features. Make the most of your video by using all the features available to you.

Covering Events Live in Social Media
Going live on your social media is a great marketing strategy. Cover events you are hosting by using multiple platforms and hashtags to promote the live footage.

3 Ways to Tell Stories on Twitter
Twitter is a great marketing tool but can be tricky to use and a slow process to gain followers.

Social Media Marketing with Hashtags
Social media is a very well-known and great marketing tool. Hashtags are a big part of social media.

3 Ways to Be More Strategic with Instagram
Instagram can be a very useful marketing tool for your business. Learning some strategic ways to use your Instagram account can be extremely useful.

5 Tips for Streaming Live Video in Social Media
You do not need to be a pro at live streaming video. Some amount of preparation can definitely improve the quality of what you broadcast.

4 Apps for Managing Your Pinterest Account
Pinterest can be an amazing marketing tool. Learning how to correctly manage your Pinterest account is key.

Marketing Your Business in Messaging Apps
As technology evolves rapidly, so does the way we communicate. Staying up to date on new ways of communication is key for your business.

4 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page
Here are four concrete ways to improve the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Company Page.

The Dos and Don'ts of Scheduling Social Media
Social media can be very beneficial when it comes to marketing. Learning to juggle all of those at once can be very helpful.

4 Ways to Use "Stories" on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook
Stories are now a popular way to share information to your social media followers since made available on three major mobile messaging apps.

Making Better Graphics for Social Media
Social Media Marketing is highly visual. When creating your visuals, make sure the sizes all work well with each graphic.

5 YouTube Playlists You Should Create
YouTube is a very useful business-marketing tool. Making different Playlists on your channel can bring you more followers and views.

7 Steps To A Social Media Marketing Plan
Find which social media networks are best suited for your business and optimize your exposure.

6 Ways to Improve How You Are Using Twitter
Twitter is a very useful tool for communicating to a wide audience. Learning to improve your use on Twitter can be very helpful.

Leveraging Special Events and Holidays in Your Social Media Marketing
When using social media to market your business, consider incorporating holidays or special events into your marketing if it is appropriate.

Showdown: Snapchat versus Instagram Stories
Snapchat or Instagram or both are good to promote your company. Even though there are some differences between the two, both are good marketing strategies.

4 Digital Marketing Trends for Your Business
Examine many different marketing trends that could potentially be useful for your business.

5 Smart Ways to Use Pinterest for Business
Pinterest is a great tool to help your business. By linking your website, repining posts related to your business, and strategically naming your own boards are all steps in the right direction.

8 Steps to Your Social Media Audit
A social media audit can help you get a clearer picture of your marketing efforts and strategies. Look at what you need to update as well as what you should completely change in order to try to improve.

Enhanced Facebook Posts
Produce quality content that is useful and interesting to your Facebook audience. Also invest in boosting your key Facebook posts to attract a wider audience or a more highly targeted one.

Picking the Right Social Networks
Through social media marketing, you have the opportunity to provide customer service and build relationships. Picking the right networks can make your efforts more effective rather than building a presence everywhere.

Getting More Out of LinkedIn For Your Business
Take advantage of the resources offered through LinkedIn to promote your business or your personal profile.

Snapchat Really Wants Your Business
Snapchat continues to look for new ways to turn their popular app into a lucrative business.

Making Videos on Your Smartphone
Video captures people’s attention better than text only images and are more engaging than photographs and illustrations.

Steps for Better Customer Service Through Social Media
Here are some basic steps toward setting up and running a smooth social media customer service operation.

Getting the Most Out of Twitter
Understanding what features Twitter offers can help you better leverage this fast-moving communications platform. Understanding how the Tweet has evolved over the years can help you get more out of those 140 characters.

Working with a Social Media Team
Social Media Marketing is an important part of business and marketing communications as well as customer service. Working with a team can help distribute the work and relieve the burden of constantly being online to keep things running smoothly. With the right tools, a clear strategy and well-prepar

Location-Based Marketing With Mobile Apps
Business owners need to revisit their mobile location-based marketing efforts to capture avid apps users who can also become customers. Whenever you build promotions and marketing around mobile apps and games, first look for any business-oriented features that you can leverage for your business and

Branding Your Social Networks
Chances are you are no longer just marketing online through your website only but are using social media to enhance your communications and sales efforts. Be sure to take all the specifics into account when choosing your branding images. Size and layout play a big role in your...

Getting More Visual With Pinterest and Instagram
While content is important, visuals are the key to getting people’s attention in over-crowded social media news feeds. That's why Pinterest and Instagram are more popular than ever in your marketing efforts.

Selling Products and Services in Social Media
Companies with products or services to sell are flocking to social media to market them. Provide your customers with compelling reasons to share information about your products or services with others such as good quality and great customer service.

Digging into Facebook and Instagram Advertising
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can really boost your business. With so much exposure and so many different options, you are sure to reach a larger audience.

New Features and Changes on Top Social Networks
Social media is constantly changing, and keeping up with the changes can be time consuming. Keep yourself updated with the latest changes to get the most out of them.

Best ways to benefit from LinkedIn
As the largest U.S. social network for professionals, LinkedIn continues to be a useful business marketing tool for both individuals and companies. You should utilize the features provided in LinkedIn to enhance your professional profile.

Snapchat for Business
Snapchat can also be used to market your business.

YouTube Features for Video Marketing
Knowing how to access the various YouTube features they offer can help you better leverage this powerful video platform to market your business.

4 Apps for Easy Podcasting
If your looking to get your company's message out to the public via podcasting, check out these easy to use programs and applications such as Spreaker Radio, Opinion, Anchor and more.

Revisiting Twitter Advertising and Analytics
Twitter offers several advertising options to get more attention for your tweets.

Managing Social Media From Your Smartphone
Take control and manage your business’ social media from the accessibility of your smart phone. Through applications such as Hootsuit, Buffer, Pocket, and Camera+, you can easily enhance and accommodate your social media marketing needs.

Using Live Streaming Video for Business Marketing
If your business is not utilizing the power of mobile video to promote new products, live stream events, or provide customer support, you may find yourself falling behind on effective ways to reach your audience. Boost your exposure with these useful tools to bring your business to the...

Google My Business for Your Business
If you are looking to connect with your customers and offer a streamlined way for them to connect with you, utilizing Google My Business can be an effective tool. Boost your Google profile with accurate map information, contact numbers, and customer feed back in order to build a...

Measuring Your Social Media Marketing
Whenever you market your business, you want to know that your marketing efforts are effective.

Rethinking Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
As you welcome in 2016, a great resolution would be to re-examine your entire social media marketing plans and re-focus your efforts. Here is a game plan to follow.

The Best Smartphone Apps for Business Owners
This brave new world of smartphones has opened up endless possibilities for the small business owner. Here are some of the most helpful apps you should consider.