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Taking Advantage of Co-Working Spaces

Taking Advantage of Co-Working Spaces

For small businesses looking for a workspace outside of the owner’s home or a coffee shop, co-working spaces offer an attractive alternative that’s becoming more popular.

A co-working space offers companies or sole proprietors access to desks, offices and other amenities in a facility that’s shared with other business owners and employees. Most co-working spaces offer meeting and conference rooms, high-speed Internet access and ergonomic furniture as well as shared lobbies and kitchens. Some spaces may offer access to videoconferencing equipment a company may need on a one-time or occasional basis.

Co-working spaces offer a convenient way for a solo business to set up shop outside the principal’s home without having to spend all day in a noisy coffee shop or copy center, while gaining many of the advantages of a traditional office.

The primary attraction for small businesses is that co-working spaces are typically less expensive than leasing a dedicated office. Most facilities offer hourly, daily and monthly usage plans, as well as the ability to adjust your space to accommodate your business needs. This allows a company to set up a workplace without having to hunt for a leased office – not to mention avoiding the associated cost commitment, negotiations and paperwork.

In addition, many co-working spaces are located in commercial districts, allowing your company to have a presence near customers or clients as well as access to the post office, restaurants or other businesses you may visit regularly. Some larger co-working spaces offer on-site daycare, adding the convenience of not having to add another stop to your daily work routine.

Flexibility and Collaboration

The on-demand nature of co-working spaces also increases your company’s workplace flexibility. For instance, you may have team members who work together in the co-working space a couple of days, while working remotely the rest of the week. Or you may need to add a couple of temporary workers for a specific project or to meet seasonal demand. Either way, it’s easy to adjust the space you’re using.

Another attractive benefit of co-working spaces for small businesses is getting to know the other tenants you’re sharing the space with. Most facilities offer networking events where business owners get to meet their co-working neighbors, who can provide a source of referrals.

In some instances, companies offering complementary services, such as a web designer and a commercial photographer, can work together on projects. In others, a business owner looking for an attorney, accountant or other professional may find a suitable provider in the next office or down the hall.

Some co-working spaces offer affiliations with facilities in other cities, allowing you to use a space while you’re traveling.

Choosing a Space

As the number of co-working spaces grows in many cities and towns, it’s becoming easier to find a facility that’s a good fit with your needs and work style. Some suggestions and questions to ask before making your choice:

  • Take advantage of trial offers. Most spaces allow you to spend a day without charge, so you can evaluate the facility.
  • How loud is the co-working space? A quiet environment may matter to some, but not to others.
  • Do you need off-hours access? Most offer 24-hour access, but some don’t.
  • How’s the security? Would you be comfortable leaving equipment overnight?

If you find a facility that meets your criteria, a co-working space can offer a cost-effective alternative to leasing an office.

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