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Small Businesses “Hungry For Tax Reform.” (06/27/2017)

CNBC (6/22) reported that “taxes have long ranked as a top issue for America’s small businesses, many of whom file as pass-through entities, combining business and personal income and, as a result, sometimes paying a higher effective rate.” CNBC added, “In the National Federation of Independent Business’ 2016 ‘Small Business Problems and Priorities’ study, federal taxes on business income ranked as the No. 3 issue behind the cost of health insurance and unreasonable government regulations.” In addition, the article stated that “the first-ever CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey in June found that taxes were the No. 1 issue for 25 percent of the more than 2,000 businesses surveyed.” CNBC wrote that “House Speaker Paul Ryan also spoke out in favor of overhauling the tax code this week at the National Association of Manufacturers Summit Tuesday, pointing out the uneven playing field small businesses that file as pass-through entities find themselves on, compared to their corporate counterparts.”

Business Climate

House Leaders Seeking Bipartisan Deal On Debt Limit. (06/27/2017)

Reuters (6/23, Gibson, Becker) reported Congressional leaders are “quietly working on a bipartisan deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling within weeks, hoping to prevent the difficult debt issue from snarling a budget fight to come in September, a senior Democratic budget writer said.” John Yarmuth, top Democrat on the House Budget Committee, explained that “there is bipartisan interest in raising the debt limit, a job traditionally assigned to the committee, before August.” The piece noted Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin “last month moved the target deadline for action to September from October, saying tax receipts are coming in slower than expected.”

Small Business Marketing

Google To Stop Scanning Emails For Gmail Ads. (06/27/2017)

Advertising Age (6/23) reported Google will no longer use ads that scan users’ Gmail contents. The controversial “ads based on scanned email messages drew lawsuits and some of the most strident criticism the company faces, but offered marketers a much more targeted way to reach consumers.” Promoted messages inside the free version of Gmail “will now be targeted with other personal information Google already pulls from sources such as search and YouTube.”

Wages and Benefits

NBC Analysis: Low Unemployment, Skills Gap Contribute To Labor Shortage. (06/27/2017)

In a “story of the giant ‘help wanted’ sign hanging over America,” NBC Nightly News (6/25, story 7, 2:25, Snow) cited a Bureau of Labor Statistics report that the US has a record six million jobs open, as employers are struggling to find qualified workers. NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle said that “the rate of increase in job openings [is] far outpacing the increase in actual hires. Many employers point to a skills gap in the labor force, a mismatch between the jobs they’re trying to fill and the workers needed to fill them.” However, others say employers are to blame, as wage growth has stagnated since 2009. Ruhle noted the executive order President Trump signed earlier this month to expand apprenticeship programs, but, she added, in some places “the help can’t come soon enough.”