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Small Business News

Small Business News

Small Business News

  1. Google Calendar Has a New Look With Improved Features (10/25/2017)

    Google plans to finally implement the long-awaited changes to the desktop version of Calendar. The makeover will not only enhance its aesthetics and put it on par with its mobile counterparts but also give the desktop app cool new features to boost user productivity.

  2. Amazon Brings Prime Shipping to Business (10/25/2017)

    Amazon has rolled out a new paid membership program for businesses in the United States and Germany, a clear indication that the company now has its sights on corporate customers.

  3. Cisco Acquires Software Company Broadsoft for $1.9 Billion (10/24/2017)

    Cisco, the world’s biggest producer of networking gear, announced on Monday that it offered Broadsoft $55 per share, a 28% premium over its closing price on Aug. 29.

  4. Oculus Rift Releases New VR Bundle for Business (10/23/2017)

    Oculus VR is now trying to tap into a new market to boost the sales of its high-end virtual reality device. The company is now launching Oculus Business, effectively sweetening the deal for companies to snap up its Oculus Rift bundle.

  5. Intel Partners With Facebook on New Range of AI Chips (10/23/2017)

    Intel might not have taken to AI immediately but the company is now scrambling to catch up. In a bid to assert its dominance, the Silicon Valley stalwart recently unveiled the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP).

  6. Google Chrome Improves Browser Security With ‘Predictive Phishing Protection’ (10/19/2017)

    Google has fittingly chosen October to make several security-related announcements. Dubbed as the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the search giant announced that it will introduce a host of security enhancements to Chrome and Gmail for a more secure online browsing.

  7. Facebook Tests New Linkedin-Like Resume Feature (10/18/2017)

    LinkedIn should probably worry now that Facebook has apparently decided to copy a key element of the business website – its resume and CV feature. Facebook is notorious for blatantly copying services and apps made popular by other social media competitors, most notably Snapchat.

  8. Microsoft Azure Wins Over Symantec (10/17/2017)

    Cybersecurity expert Symantec is looking to cut down on its data center costs by moving some of its workload to Microsoft Azure. The deal between the two companies, which was revealed on Monday, would see Symantec delivering its Norton product line to its customers from Azure.

  9. Alibaba Tops Amazon and Microsoft in Cloud Revenue Growth (10/16/2017)

    Alibaba is nipping at the heels of top cloud companies Amazon and Microsoft. While the two still reign supreme in terms of revenue, the Chinese company leads the pack in terms of growth as Alibaba’s cloud revenue more than doubled in 2016.

  10. Is it Time for Your Business to Switch to Cloud-Based ERP? (10/10/2017)

    There’s no question that small businesses have greatly benefited from today’s technology. Ten years ago, many companies would not have considered placing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on a public cloud platform.

  11. Mozilla Firefox Plans to End Support for Windows XP and Vista OS in June (10/09/2017)

    Pretty soon, you’ll stop receiving updates for your Firefox browser if you’re running Windows XP or Vista. Mozilla recently announced that it will be dropping support for the two platforms by next year.

  12. Google Launches Ethics Board to Steer AI Efforts (10/06/2017)

    Google is finally taking steps to ensure that its rapid development in the field of AI will only bring about positive change for the whole of humanity. London-based company DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google parent firm Alphabet, has formed a new research unit called “Ethics & Society,” tasked to steer the group’s AI efforts.

  13. Shopify Integrates New Instagram Shopping Feature (10/05/2017)

    Christmas comes early for Shopify and Instagram users, with the former now providing Instagram integration to most of its vendors. The eCommerce company and Instagram had been collaborating on the new shopping service the whole year.

  14. Microsoft’s Bing for Business Aims to Transform the Enterprise Search Experience (10/04/2017)

    Bing is often seen as the underdog of search engines, but it recently held center stage at Microsoft’s recently concluded Ignite conference. Held in September in Orlando, Florida, the conference allowed the company to disclose how it plans to proceed with the enterprise software.

  15. Yahoo Releases Its Search Code as Open Source (10/03/2017)

    Yahoo is now giving away the crucial technology powering its internal searches. Vespa, the search engine used by the tech company for internal queries, is now open-source and available to everyone.

  16. Walmart Takes on Amazon With Jet.com Grocery Line (10/02/2017)

    Walmart’s competition with Amazon has just reached new levels, with the former looking to cut into a bigger piece of the millennial pie. Millennials aren’t exactly Walmart’s demographic, as its scant number of stores in urban areas attest.

  17. Levis Strauss Unveils High-Tech Denim Jacket With Help from Google (09/29/2017)

    After months of waiting, Levi Strauss finally unveiled its high-tech denim jacket which was made in collaboration with search giant Google. Dubbed the Commuter Trucker, the high-tech gear will be available on Monday of next week via the clothing brand’s online store Levi.

  18. Mozilla Claims New Firefox Quantum Browser Will be Faster Than Google Chrome (09/28/2017)

    Google Chrome, the leading U.S.

  19. Twitter Tests New 280-Character Limit in Select Languages (09/27/2017)

    Twitter is about to address one issue that has annoyed users of the social media platform for the longest time – its restrictive 140-character limit per tweet. On Tuesday, the company finally announced that it is now doubling the character limit per tweet from 140 to 280 characters.

  20. Target to Utilize Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool to Help Shoppers Find Products (09/26/2017)

    Searching for products being offered on Target will soon be as easy as taking a photo on your mobile phone. In a recent announcement, Pinterest revealed that it teamed up with Target allowing the retailer to use the former’s visual search called Lens.

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